Robin DR221-160 Dauphin

My beautiful DR221, 160 hp and 135 kts fast versatile aircraft is up for sale has found a new owner.
Amongst the best preserved classics from Robin and probably the lowest time (1270 h TT).

Aircraft history

Serial #067, built 1967 in Dijon-Darois; since 2009 with the 3rd owner since new. Beautifully overhauled 2012 by professional team, with many EASA approved equipment upgrades. A very clean aircraft with engine upgraded 2015 to Lycoming O-320 that matches the performance of the legendary DR250 with several improvements.
The aircraft is based in Switzerland, in Ecuvillens, nearby Fribourg (LSGE). Fully EASA approved, Annual done 04/2019 and ARC done 05/2019, approved for Day and Night VFR, flown regularly by experienced pilot/owner only.

Is it a DR250?

The legendary DR250 started as a high performance 150 hp aircraft with many competition awards and evolved into an even faster 160 hp aircraft when Lycoming launched the high compression O-320 series. The (originally 115 hp) DR221 is more recent: it was developed with training in mind and hence is a bit higher on the landing gear (visibility as trail dragger), has full dual controls and a higher vertical fin which allows to perform spins. Given that the airframe remains essentially the same, replacing the engine on the same mount is rather straight forward and provides the aircraft with outstanding performance. The tank system is simpler and has a bit slightly capacity: instead of 3 fuel tanks, there are only 2 – a 110 l main and a 50 l auxiliary.

Why legendary ? Performance in a nutshell…

This 4 seater can carry 433 kg (e.g. full 160 l tanks and 318 kg for pax and luggage) while cruising at TAS > 250 km/h / 135 kts (75% power setting) ! All this with low maintenance fixed gear and fixed pitch propeller only.

More information

The DR221-160 flies under a standard EASA Certificate of Airworthiness. Its type certificate is now together in a DR family TCDS, gathering DR200, DR300 and DR400 series.

(data as of SEP-2019, provided as information only)