DR221-160 – Equipment

Full avionics overhaul 2009, and regular updates since

Navigation AnD CommunicaTIOn

  • Garmin GPS Aera 660
  • Trig TT31 mode S transponder and ACK A-­30.9 alticoder, checked 05/2019
  • Directional gyro
  • Attitude gyro
  • Honeywell KX 165A digital NAV / COM, 8.33 kHz
  • Honeywell KNI-520 indicator (VOR + ILS)
  • Intercom PS Engineering PM1000 II, connectors for each of the 4 seats

Engine Management

  • Electronics International UBG-16 engine monitor (4 EGTs, 4 CHT, mass data memory)
  • Electronics International FP5-L fuel flow meter
  • Conventional engine meters and gauges

Safety equipment

  • FLARM Ediatec ECW-100 anti-collision & obstacle avoidance system
  • LED strobe and navigation lights (Aveo Engineering Aurora)
  • LED landing and taxi lights
  • LED interior light (red / white), dimmable and focusable for NVFR
  • ELT Artex ME 406 MHz with remote switch, checked 05/2019

(data as of SEP-2019, provided as information only)